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🇨🇭 Böesinger never gives up the head and wins 🦈 SharkBay Main Event, Chf 70.200

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

1230 entries / 1 left

Silvan Böesinger didn't let up for a moment: just like a magic from the famous international wizard with the same name, he became the chipleader at the start of day3 and never left the first position. Of course, it costs him a lot to defeat his compatriot "Braveheart", as the HU lasted more than two hours. Loot therefore in Swiss Francs for the two natives: 70,200 for the first and 42,150 for the runner-up. At the bottom of the article you will find all the payouts of the Final table.

Thus concludes a 🦈 Sharkbay festival with impressive numbers here in 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein.

Let's remember a few:

-1230 total entries, 444 of which made in the first week thanks to the special price

-20 chipleader bonuses of between Chf 500 and Chf 4,000 for a total of CHF 40,000

-123 cash players, from

a minimum of 800 up to the first coin of 70,200

-Total prizepool of Chf 386,100 which therefore breaks through the guaranteed prizepool by more than 30%

-13 days of play that saw many satellites and side events in addition to the Main Event

The next appointment with 🦈Sharkbay can already be found in the upcoming events section.

And you... do you play like a shark?



🥇🇨🇭 S.Jorit Boesiger  CHF 70.200

🥈🇨🇭 Braveheart CHF 42.150

🥉🇮🇹 Givi CHF 27.800

4️⃣ 🇽🇰 Bensik Lalinovci  CHF 21.850

5️⃣ 🇨🇭 Robin M.Scheidegger CHF 17.000

6️⃣ 🇮🇹 Tommaso Serratore  CHF 12.650

7️⃣ 🇭🇺 Penge CHF 8.800

8️⃣ 🇩🇪 Patrick Simon Thoma  CHF5.900


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