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🇫🇮"bubbachuck" dominates Day1C

Entries 37/ Left 12

It was a hectic day at the Grand Casino Liechtenstein thanks to the concurrence of two flights for the main event, The Wolf High Roller with a buy-in of CHF 1,000 (although there was a four-hour discrepancy between one and the other) and the final table of the Red Wolf with a buy-in of CHF 200.

The latter was supposed to end, at least according to theory, as early as Friday, but the race management had to revise its plans given the late hour in order to guarantee more spectacle and, above all, a little more breathing space for the players involved in the most important phase of the tournament.

The Wolf High Roller Day 1C

So let's start with the first flight available yesterday, Day1 C of The Wolf High Roller, which started at 2pm sharp.

There were 31 players, plus 6 re-entries, who stormed into the third scheduled flight for a total of 37 entries and 12 total qualifiers for Day 2 today.

Top 5

The best - and luckiest - of them all was the Finn 🇫🇮"bubbachuck", who managed to amass a whopping 546,600 chips.

Completing the podium were two Swiss, 🇨🇭 Jakob Fuchs with 414,500 and 🇨🇭 Xhavit Berisha with 378,000. Further behind are Austria's 🇦🇹 Alexander Rydz (280,900) and 🇮🇹 Carlo Muscarello (231,100).

Below is the full list of Day2 qualifiers through Day1 C

Unofficial Chipcount

1. 🇫🇮 bubbachuck 546.600

2. 🇨🇭 Jakob Fuchs 414.500

3. 🇨🇭 Xhavit Berisha 378.000

4. 🇦🇹 Alexander Rydz 280.900

5. 🇮🇹 Carlo Muscarello 231.100

6. 🇮🇹 Fabio Assante 212.700

7. 🇸🇰 Mr. M 209.900

8. 🇮🇹 Alessandro Ferrari 206.800

9. 🇨🇭 Andrea Roner 188.500

10. 🇧🇦 Zoran Zivanovic 104.700

11. 🇨🇭 Perry 91.300

12. 🇨🇭 Michael Peterhans 90.600

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is taken from the verbal statements of the players.


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