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🌏 Asia leads Day1B of 🇪🇺 Euro Poker Million, the chipleader is 🇻🇳 Nguyen

33 entries / 5 left

🔚 The 10th level of Day1B Speed ​​of 🇪🇺 EPM ends and registrations are closed. 33 is the final number, slightly more than the 25 of the day before.

Read the statements released yesterday by the organizers at this link:

Ironically the Chipleader of the day is the Vietnamese 🇻🇳 Ngoc Anh Nguyen who bags 660,000 chips, thus placing second in the overall chicount.  A player that can be defined as "rookie" (compared to the Nguyen we usually hear when we talk about poker), given that in his career he has only 🎯 scored three 🚩 flags, diluted over five years, all placed at 👑 King's Resort. Maybe this 🇪🇺 EPM can bring to Nguyen's home some respectable 💰 haul.

The guaranteed million is undoubtedly the most fascinating aspect of this event, but we don't have to wait for Monday to start bringing home part of the money that makes up the prize pool: in fact, 15% of those registered on each Day1 immediately cash in a minimum prize of €700 .

Our Croatian friend, 🇭🇷 Niki Prela, knows something about it who arriving fifth does not gain access to Day2 on Saturday but at least immediately puts the buy-in and expenses back in his pocket: he will still be able to decide to play one more of the qualifying days (there are still seven day1 to play) in both versions, Standard and Speed ​​

His name is not new, in fact we saw him in ITM last January during the IPO in San Marino and many other times in events in Nova Gorica where he plays more habitually.

If Niki places fifth, the other 4 gain this pass for the "semifinal". You will find their names below


Event Recap

All the number of this event till now

DAY1A: 25 entries 3 left

DAY1B: 33 entries 4 left

TOTAL: 58 entries 7 left

Chipcount Day1B Speed

Ranking - Country - Surname - Name - Stack

1 🇻🇳 NGOC ANH NGUYEN 660.000

2 🇹🇷 SUPERMARIO 540.000


4 🇳🇱 ZHONG CHEN 357.000

5 🇭🇷 PRELA NIKI €700

Chipcount Totale A&B

1 🇩🇪 DENNIS WILKE 770.000

2 🇻🇳 NGOC ANH NGUYEN 660.000

3 🇹🇷 SUPERMARIO 540.000



6 🇳🇱 ZHONG CHEN 357.000

7 🇩🇪 MFG777 317.000

*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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