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Day1B: 🎣 Federici takes everything, big stack also for 🐾 Zamperetti

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

121 entries / 28 left

🇮🇹 Federico Federici puts in bag 780,000 chips. A colossal stack if we think about the initial 60K that was provided to him just seven hours earlier. "X13" players with a more mathematical footprint would say. Other words, often full of sympathy and irony, are those instead used to define him at the table: we will use "lucky" as a synonym to make it clear. Skilled and lucky, Federico who knew how to make the most of all the favorable circumstances that the blindfolded goddess built around his cards and the situations faced. There are echoing tales of Full house over Full house and even a Straight Flush hit with a royal gutshot on the River versus a Best Flush previously hit on the Turn. The bag is swollen: the stories are now for the memory archives of those who played, and probably lost, against him.

🇮🇹 Zamperetti didn't stay too far behind with 673,000, in fact it is with him that the final chipleader alternated for the whole day leading the provisional count. The arrogance of their stacks can be seen if we take a look at stack number three of the count; 475.000 are the chips of the native 🇸🇮 Marko Marjanac.

28 left from this second preliminary day which add up to the 51 of the previous night. Appointment for them tomorrow for the final day and the opening with the regression of three levels on the structure. For those who are not among these 79 qualifiers, today there are two possibilities Day1C and Day1D, respectively at 2:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.

Pictures of the day

Here are some shots of the Day1B Main Event 👑Remida Deep Slovenia in the final moments of the game session

Chipcount Day1B

*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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