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😈 Bellicose Monday, 🦈 hungry sharks devour the third flight - Day1C chipcount

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

89 entries / 9 left

Very aggressive Monday for 🦈Sharkbay's Day1C at the GC poker room 🇱🇮Liechtenstein: from the spectacular number of 89 entries, only 9 players with truly imperious stacks survive. Let's think first of all about the day's chipleader who closes with 1,071,000: an even higher stack than the day2A chipleader played the day before. 😱 Crazy! Maybe he four chipleader prizes, maybe an energetic start of the week or maybe the predominantly local field; whatever the reason, the 9 names that you can read below reach day2 scheduled for Thursday at 20.00. The winners of the special prices for the leaders are: 🇮🇹 Stefano Lolli with a 384,000 stack wins the 🏅 fourth prize of Chf1000 , 🇨🇭Roberto Gerosa the 🥉 third Chf2000 with 406,000 chips, 🇵🇱Gregor 🥈second for Chf3000 with 663,000 chips and the chipleader 🇦🇹Winti with the aforementioned stack of over 1 million which he takes home 🥇Chf4000.

We'll see tonight, Tuesday 7th March at 18.00 on Day1D, if the extraordinary "malice" with which this first flight of the week was played will be repeated.

Following photos of the day and the complete chipcount of Day1C.

Pictures of the Day

Here are some shots of the Day1C Main Event 🦈 SharkBay Liechtenstein in the final moments of the game session

Chipcount Day1C

Rank - Name - Nickname - Country - Chips

1 Winti 1,071,000

2 Gregor PL 663,000

3 Roberto Gerosa IT 406,000

4 Stefano Iolli IT 384,000

5 Antonio Albano 258,000

6 Nokia 3210 220,000

7 Fabian Egger 192,000

8 Andreas Rudolf Balcon 185,000

9 Keole 181,000

*PAY ATTENTION the chipcount is unofficial and builded by what the players wrote in their bags.


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