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🇷🇴 Stefan Drusca wins EPM Spring Edition 2023

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

entries 2.285

We have to admit it was not easy to get through the guaranteed this Easter week, and many, on the eve, thought the feat was impossible.

We, on the other hand, always believed in it, against all odds, because the affection and gratitude you always showed us could not be just an illusion, and so it was.

Two thousand, two hundred and eighty-five entrants when everyone is on holiday, or almost, means that in a way this is not just a poker tournament. It means that, besides the game that we love so much, there is something that goes beyond and that, at least from our point of view, gives meaning to what we do.

Something that pushes us to always do better and accept new challenges. Thanks.

In the end, Stefan Alexandru Drusca took it home. The undisputed ruler of Day 2, a veritable war machine.

It was the Romanian player's biggest result in his career, far bigger than any ITM finish since, before his triumph at the EPM, his best cash was a sixth place at the Unibet Open in his homeland for $18,700.

Despite the rise of Italy's Leonardo Sabatino, who at one point in the final table seemed to have half the tournament in his pocket (and probably half the total chips in play), Drusca held his own and eventually 'killed' his last two opponents in the 3-handed phase.

First, it was the turn of his compatriot Alexandru Farcasanu and then the Moroccan MED: thanks to this one-two punch, Drusca took home the title and the €131,000 first coin, to which must be added the ticket for the WSOP Main Event worth $10,350 (ticket awarded to the first 12 finishers, ed.).

Now let's review, elimination by elimination, what happened at the final table. Here is the starting situation at the beginning:

Seat 1) MED 8,300,000

Seat 2) Stefan Drusca 45,100,000

Seat 3) VItezslav Pitr 5,125,000

Seat 4) Iulian Strugaru 12,150,000

Seat 5) Andrea Roner 7,500,000

Seat 6) Leonardo Sabatino 25,475,000

Seat 7) Igor Alexandre Brito 10,525,000

Seat 8) Aleksei Donets 8,125,000

Seat 9) Alex Farcasanu 14,700,000

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We remind everyone that you can follow the action in live streaming by clicking HERE.

Aleksei Donets is the ninth-place finisher

Blind 250K/500K - ante 500K

It is 🇷🇺 Aleksei Donets who is the first to be eliminated from this final table. Left with just over 6 BB the Russian player is forced to put all his chips in the middle from SB with 8♠️ 8♣️ finding Farcasanu's call from BB with K♣️ 7❤️.

(pot: 6,900,000)

Aleksei Donets (stack 3,250,000): 8♠️ 8♣️

XXX XX (stack 16,000,000): K♣️ 7❤️

Board: J♦️ Q♠️ Q❤️ K♦️ A♣️

For Donets a €9,775 prize and a ticket to the ME WSOP.

Vitezslav Pitr is the eighth-place finisher

Blind 300K/500K - ante 600K

For 🇨🇿 Vitezslav Pitr the blinds war against 🇷🇴 Iulian Strugaru is fatal: the two of them, almost even stacks, call the rests preflop.

pot (17,200,000)

🇨🇿 Vitezslav Pitr (stack 8,300,000) : A❤️ 6♣️

🇷🇴 Iulian Strugaru (10,700,000) : 9♠️ 9♦️

Board: Q ♣️ J❤️ Q❤️ 9♣️ J ♦️

Vitezslav Pitr takes home €12,700 and a ticket to the Main Event

Igor Brito closes in 7th place

400K / 800K - ante 800K

🇵🇹 Igor Brito's run ends in 7th place thanks to an unlucky cross with 🇨🇭Andrea Roner, who opens from UTG+1 with A❤️ K♣️.

The Portuguese opt for a 3-bet with Q❤️ Q♦️, Roner puts all his chips in the middle and Brito calls.

(pot 33.200.000)

🇵🇹 Igor Brito (stack 15.600.000)

🇨🇭Andrea Roner (16.700.000)

Board: 2♠️ 10♣️ 4♠️ A♣️ 7❤️

Brito gets rewarded with €17.300 and a ME ticket.

Iulian Strugaru is the 6th classified

blind 500K/1M - Ante 1M

Alexandru Farcasanu opens from the CO to 3.5M with 6♠️ 6♣️, Stefan Drusca passes 7♠️ 7♦️da SB and Iulian Strugaru from the BB goes all-in for 7,600,000 with K♣️ 10♣️ finding the original raiser's call

🇷🇴 Alexandru Farcasanu (stack 10,400,000) 6♠️ 6♣️,

🇷🇴 Iulian Strugaru (stack 7,600,000) K♣️ 10♣️

Board: 6❤️ 9♠️10❤️ 10♦️2♠️

Fracasanu then exits in sixth position and has to settle for a €23,000 prize plus a ticket to the ME WSOP.

Andrea Roner ends up in 5th place

blind 500K/1K - ante 1K

🇩🇪 Stefan Drusca goes straight all-in from BTN with K♦️ J♦️ on the strength of his impressive stack, 🇨🇭Andrea Roner after seeing Q❤️ J❤️ decides to call for just over 13x effective.

🇩🇪 Stefan Drusca (stack 43,300.00) K♦️ J♦️

🇨🇭Andrea Roner (stack 13,500,000)

Board: 9❤️ 8♦️ 2❤️ K♠️ 6 ♦️

Andrea Roner ends his dreams of glory in 5th place for €40,350 and an ME ticket.

Leonardo Sabatino finishes in 4th place

blind 500K/1K - ante 1K

Farcasanu opens from UTG with Q♠️ 10♠️ , Leonardo Sabatino defends with J❤️ 4❤️ from BB. On the flop 8❤️ 5♠️ 10❤️ , Farcasanu c-bet to 2.5M, Sabotino goes all-in for about 15x and Farcasanu calls.

(pot 36,800,000)

Alexandru Farcasanu Q♠️ 10♠️ (stack 25,100,000)

Leonardo Sabatino J❤️ 4❤️ (stack 15,900,000)

Board 8❤️ 5♠️ 10❤️

Turn 2♠️

River 4♠️

Sabatino has to settle for €38,000 and an ME ticket.

Farcasanu: it is a bronze medal

800K/1.6M - ante 1.6M

Drusca opens from the BTN, Arcasanu from the SB goes all-in for 49,900,000, the BB folds, Stefan Drusca calls for another 46,500,000 and it's the showdown.

(pot 103,000,000)

Alexandru Farcasanu A♦️J♠️ 49

Stefan Drusca A❤️ Q♠️ 46,700,000

Board 8♣️ 3❤️ Q❤️ J♦️ 7❤️

Farcasanu takes home 52,000 and a ME ticket.

MED is runner-up, Stefan Drusca wins

1M/2M - ante 2M

The two contenders end up all-in preflop, Drusca spins A♦️ 10♦️, MED A ♠️ 8♣️

Board: Q♦️ 6♠️ 6❤️ 6♦️ 4♦️

MED settles for €74,000 and an ME ticket, Stefan Drusca raises the EPM 2023 trophy for €131,000 and a ME ticket!


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