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🇪🇺 EPM Day2 Seat redraw

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

2285 entries / 230 left

Before proceeding with the seat redraw, let's recap a little of what happened this Easter week at the Euro Poker Million played here at the King's Resort in Rozvadov.

Event Recap

A total of 10 Day1s were played (including the last one played in Prague) for a total of 2285 entries, which took 230 players to Day 2, all of them already in the money of course.

DAY1A: 25 entries 3 left

DAY1B: 33 entries 4 left

DAY1C: 65 entries 7 left

DAY1D: 93 entries 9 left

DAY1E: 130 entries 13 left

DAY1F: 378 entries 38 left

DAY1G: 333 entries 32 left

DAY1H: 622 entries 63 left

DAY1I: 519 entries 52 left

DAY1J (Prague): 87 entries 9 left

TOTAL: 2285 entries

Seat Redraw

*We would like to remind you that the chipcount is unofficial as it is reported in players' verbal statements

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