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🤴 Remida Deep crowns Masuzzo, Marzagalli and Dozzo the 🤴🏼 princes of Side Event

515 entries / the winner is Agostino Claudio Masuzzo

The new King Midas is Claudio Masuzzo.  Coronation took place tonight at the Perla Resort in Nova Gorica, where, over the four days of the festival, 515 battled it out. The winner, proud to represent Sportbull (the team led by Francesco Perrupato), wearing a cape and crown, symbols of his gain royalty, lifted the throne and the "goldclub" of Eurorounders to the sky.

Let's now relive together the phases of the event that has just ended with which the spring season of our poker calendar has opened.


198 players took part in Day1A and it was 🇮🇹 Manuel Sustersich from Trieste who been the better of the group. And yet 🇮🇹 Rizzuto got quite close to him, in fact in the last few levels the Italian has accumulated the chips necessary to immediately get behind Manuel. They bagged 611,000 and 573,000 tokens respectively.

Not only Italians in this opening: they are 🇭🇷 Bajrić and 🇸🇮Kovačić who complete the lead tetrarchy.


🇬🇧 Federico Federici chipleader of the day with 780,000 chips. A colossal stack if you think about the initial 60K that was provided to him just seven hours earlier. He multiplied by thirteen, as the more mathematical players would say. There are echoing tales of Full over Full and even a straight flush hit on the river against a best flush previously hit on the turn. The bag is swollen: the stories are now for the memory archives of those who played, and probably lost, against him.

🇬🇧 Zamperetti didn't stay too far behind with 673,000, in fact it is with him that the chipleader took turns leading the provisional count throughout the day. It was possible to notice the arrogance of their stacks in relation to that of the number three of the count; 475.000 the bagged chips of the native 🇸🇮 Marko Marjanac.


There were 82 entries registered at Day1C on Saturday afternoon. An almost completely local field has been confirmed, so it is no wonder that the podium of the count is occupied exclusively by Italians. In the lead 🇮🇹 Alessandro Scermino, second 🇮🇹 Massimiliano Cordeschi and third 🇮🇹 Romano Ravaioli. Representing foreigners the famous Serbian player 🇷🇸 Jovan Lepedat immediately behind.

26 are the envelopes archived from this day.


The letter D of this week's schedule in 🇸🇮 Slovenia is also in the archives. 72 chose Saturday evening to attempt the landing on Sunday's Final Day and 17 succeeded in the feat. Percossi is the day's chipleader with 610,000 chips.

Final Day

At 14:00 on Sunday 2 April 2023, 122 will show up at the starting line but, thanks to registrations still open, another 41 will join the group to form a total field of 163 rounders. The first prize of €40,000 is the big reason to open hostilities at the tables, 🇮🇹 Loris Scattolin with 710,000, 🇮🇹 Federico Federici with 800,000, 🇧🇦Beširević Aija with 700,000, 🇮🇹 Matteo Vettor with 780,000 are some names with strong stacks of the first phase of the day.

The ITM ZONE consisting of 47 prizes is reached quite quickly. The "hand by hand" moment, which finally saw 🇮🇹 Massimiliano Cordeschi play the always uncomfortable role of the "Bubble-Man", was much longer.

Among the 47 who applaud, as always happens in the moment of the slight drop in tension following the bursting of the bubble, there are well-known faces such as 🇮🇹 Giovanni Socci, 🇮🇹 Piccione Giovanni, 🇮🇹 Spurio Mauro and 🇸🇮 Gubić Denis.

The tournament continued until, with the monitors show an average of 25 BBs and the clock pointing to 2:45, the remaining 13 agreed to split the remaining prize pool into equal shares worth €7,747 each .

1 - Masuzzo Agostino Claudio (chipleader)

2 - Giovanni Scollo 3 - Van Basten (nickname)

4 - Mario Ripepi

5 - Alessandro Nocentino

6 - Nevis Alvisi

7 - Elvis Dori

8 - Adriano Bianco

9 - Luigi Percossi

10 - Zamperetti Christopher

11 - Federici Federico

12 - Luigi Doria

13 - Fringuelli Maurizio

Side Event

Scheduled in the Remida Deep schedule, the Omaha 8Max was played on Friday 31 March won by 🇮🇹 Silvestro Dozzo out of 36 entrants.

The Sunday Side saw 86 players go to the box office but they all got the better of them 🇮🇹 Alessandro Marzagalli.

We will see both again at the Grand Final in December 2023 together with the top 19 classified in the Main Event: they will be able to participate thanks to the tickets offered for grabs in the various tournaments.

See you at Next Events

We thank all those who have followed us, we thank all the players for the renewed trust also for this Remida.

We also take the opportunity to express our gratitude to all the Staff of the Perla Resort for hosting the Remida Deep and making it work as always in the best possible way.

Appointment therefore for June 2023 for the next stop here, at the Perla Resort in Nova Gorica, and obviously also for December 2023, when the Euro Rounders Grand Final will be held which the promise to amaze you 🤩.


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