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Day1C speaks French: 🇫🇷 Zakaria Nadmi in the lead

Updated: May 27, 2023

Entries 204 / Left 21

The first flight of the day that is just ended - the third available since the start of the event - Day1 C, saw 143 players crowding the main poker room tables at the King's Resort.

We must add to these 61 re-entries, that brought the total count to 204, the highest of the three Day1s played so far. The best of them all? A Frenchman, 🇫🇷 Zakaria Nadmi, he came close to a million thanks to his 937,000 chips accumulated, the biggest stack in the overall ranking:

"It went very well but I saw a lot! - says Zakaria - I got off to a terrible start by losing the stack with K-K vs A-A and I immediately re-entered, also because I had played so little! The second bullet was much better...

This is the first time for me here in Rozvadov, even though I have already played several live tournaments around Europe. It's certainly also the first time I've closed Day 1 as chip leader!"

Day1 C - The top 5

If the first position is a transalpine affair, the complete Top 5 is definitely an Italian monologue thanks to Luca Beretta (2nd at 745,000), Maradona Abaz (3rd at 613,000), Patrizio Pompigna (4th at 553,000) and Stefano Iolli (5th at 541,000).

This is the first flight to see such a large number of Italians among the qualifiers, 6 in total, including Spartaco Vincenzi (11th at 321,000) and Stefano Mazzaferro (19th at 149,000), who join the two qualifiers from Day1 A (CLICK HERE to find out who they are)

Unofficial chipcount

Of note is the presence of 5 more Germans in the final count in addition to the seven qualifiers between Day 1 A and B. If, with 12 qualifiers, Germany is the nation with the most players sure to have a seat booked for Day 2, the Czech Republic, the host, brings forward 2 more, in addition to the 4 who have already passed in the past few days.

As for the non-European countries, unlike the two Mexicans who qualified yesterday (CLICK HERE for Day1 B report) we have both a Japanese 🇯🇵Yuji Uematsu (404,000) and a Chinese 🇨🇳Beiyan Yu PandaFish (183,000).

Below is the full list of the 21 Day 1 C qualifiers, plus the 22 survivors from the first two Day 1s, making a total of 43 players sure of a Day 2 seat so far.

1. 🇫🇷Zakaria Nadmi 937000

2. 🇮🇹Luca Beretta 745000

3. 🇮🇹Maradona Abaz 613000

4. 🇮🇹Patrizio Pompigna 553000

5. 🇮🇹Stefano Iolli 541000

6. 🇩🇪Stephan Moeller 537000

7. 🇨🇿Michal Branda 505000

8. 🇨🇿Tomas Pilc Kutná 418000

9. 🇯🇵Yuji Uematsu 404000

10. 🇩🇪 Dennis Krusch 347000

11. 🇮🇹Spartaco Vincenzi 321000

12. 🇩🇪Ercan Yildiz 311000

13. 🇦🇹Faramarz Safari 301000

14. 🇵🇱Adam Stanislaw 298000

15. 🇩🇪Dirk Bertenburg 261000

16. 🇩🇪Alexander Mantel 257000

17. 🇩🇪Jens Uwe Naumann 229000

18. 🇨🇳Beiyan Yu PandaFish 183000

19. 🇮🇹Stefano Mazzaferro 149000

20. 🇨🇭Andreas Rudolf Balcon 136000

21. 🇫🇷Yann Laurent Frederic Lormel 115000

*Please note that the chip count is not official, as it is reported from verbal statements of the players.


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