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🇬🇷Dimitrios Anastasakis leading Day2

Entries 2065 / Left 23

It was a very long day that saw the 256 players involved in the 7 Day1 qualifiers held over the weekend that has just ended.

Despite the 16.00 start time, they played until late into the night for thirteen intense levels, and in the end, tiredness (and above all the desire not to leave before the others and miss the Final Day) got the better of them.

The tournament average dropped drastically in the last two hours, going from 25/30 big blind to the current 17/18, mainly due to a far too passive attitude (with exhausting "thinking") on the part of the short stacks and the consequent impossibility of the middle stacks to put the right pressure on in the topical phases of the tournament.

On the right, the chip leader, Dimitrios Anastasakis, in action on Day2

This is why, at the scheduled restart at 2 pm, Greek 🇬🇷Dimitrios Anastasakis will start again as chip leader, but with just 34 big blinds to manage:

"It started slowly, I had a good run throughout the tournament but towards the end, I couldn't make much of a dent partly because of the excessive tank of those with few chips. I tried to keep a fairly high VPIP (frequency with which a player decides to enter the pots, ed.), around 60, although it didn't help much because I couldn't get ahead.

I play this kind of tournament regularly and I come here to Rozvadov quite often, I especially like the tournaments organized by the Italians for different reasons, the atmosphere, the field, the facilities. In the past, I used to love Campione but now it's closed for a while.

Feelings for tomorrow? The tournament average is really low and I think luck will play a big role on the Final Day, more than it normally does in this kind of tournament."

The Top 5

As mentioned at the beginning, it will be Anastasakis, second in chips at Day1 D with 800,000 and 9th at the start of Day2, who will be watching everyone from above this afternoon from 2 pm, thanks to the 6,470,000 million chips he has accumulated.

In second place is Germany's 🇩🇪"PistolePete" (6,265,000) while in third place is once again the Day1 C chip leader, Frenchman 🇫🇷Zakaria Nadmi at 5,900,000.

Fourth and fifth place went to another German, 🇩🇪"Mephisto", with 5,585,000 and the Swiss 🇨🇭"Bugi" with 5,155,000 in chips.

The first Italian on the list instead answers to the name of 🇮🇹Andrea Capuano (8th with 4,400,000), the best of the 4 Italians qualified for the final day. Further down 🇮🇹Marco Di Persio (12th with 3,110,000), 🇮🇹Adriano Bianco (17th with 2,590,000) and 🇮🇹Spartaco Vincenzi (21st with 1,625,000).

A total of eight Germans will try to take home the Sharkbay Flower, the most-present nation throughout the festival, while we will certainly not see the trophy raised by any of the hosts, as no Czech flag appears on the list of 23 left.

And now let's take a quick look at the list of qualifiers for the final day.

Unofficial Chipcount


1. 🇬🇷Dimitrios Anastasakis 6,470,000 37 6

2. 🇩🇪"PistolePete" 6265,000 . 39 7

3. 🇫🇷Zakaria Nadmi 5,900,000 38 7

4. 🇩🇪"Mephisto" 5,585,000 37 1

5. 🇨🇭"Bugi" 5,155,000 38 4

6. 🇸🇰Michal Kovac 4,710,000 39 5

7. 🇩🇪"Smetana.Ru" 4,700,000 37 4

8. 🇮🇹Andrea Capuano 4,400,000 39 8

9. 🇮🇱Yael Pilo Raz 4,055,000 38 8

10. 🇦🇹Johann Josef Glanz 3,690,000 37 7

11. 🇩🇪Ralf Peter Westphal 3,355,000 39 1

12. 🇮🇹Marco Di Persio 3,110,000 38 2

13. 🇷🇴Florin Balica 3,025,000 37 2

14. 🇨🇭"LikeRoman" 2,990,000 39 4

15. 🇩🇪"MAWL" 2,980,000 38 3

16. 🇩🇪Mathias Baumgartner 2,765,000 38 5

17. 🇮🇹Adriano Bianco 2,590,000 39 6

18. 🇩🇪"Prince of Persia" 2,330,000 37 8

19. 🇵🇱Adam Stanislaw Siwicki 2,090,000 37 3

20. 🇩🇪"Virus" 1,930,000 38 6

21. 🇮🇹Spartaco Vincenzi 1,625,000 39 2

22. 🇫🇷Julien Francois 1,355,000 37 5

23. 🇨🇭"Thi" 1,315,000 39 3


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