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🇬🇷Dimitrios Anastasakis wins Sharkbay Main Event!

Entries 2065

It took about four and a half hours to see the final table of the Sharkbay Main Event here at the King's Resort in Rozvadov after 23 had reached the final day.

The desire to reach the final act of this splendid tournament, which, let's remember, totaled 2,065 entries for a total prize pool of €510,055, was great on the part of all the survivors and the action struggled to take off as the tournament average got thinner and thinner, reaching around 15 big blinds at the start of the final table.

At the end of the battle, is Day2 chip leader Dimitrios Anastasakis who managed to lift up the trophy, cashing 78.800€ plus a WSOPE Main Event ticket. It wasn't as easy as it seems though as the Greek was left with just one big blind in the 6-handed phase, after losing a big hand against Mawl with Q-Q vs K-J, with his opponent flopping a straight on A-Q-10. No paired board on the further streets and his chances to win were close to nothing.

"Luck will play a big role tomorrow" - stated Dimitrios yesterday night, after having bagged the biggest stack on Day 2. A prophecy that became true in his favor, since he performed a huge come-back.

Firstly, he managed to triple-up as he received two calls from different opponents, then a few lucky spots as the underdog (the last was A-4 vs A-K with a 4 on the flop), and a few hands later he was already with a healthy 20 BB stack, while the average was around 18 bigs:

"I've certainly been really lucky today" - he said - "Though I deserved some luck back after that hand with Queens! I haven't played perfectly ICM wise but my opponents did worse than me and that played to my advantage.

The hand with Vincenzi? I double-barreled for value and protection on the flop and on the turn, putting him on a 7-x, so the river shove was pretty standard from my side and fortunately, I got called by a worse hand!

I'm very happy for this result, now I will head to Vegas and then I'll definitely come back here to play some more Eurorounders Events, IPS above all!"

Now let's review the action at the final table, which has been quite thrilling since the average stack was really shallow, and players had to put their chips in the middle pretty often giving spectators a good show.

Below is the official payout for which the nine finalists have competed for

  1. 78.800€

  2. 44.800€

  3. 31.700€

  4. 23.300€

  5. 18.250€

  6. 13.950€

  7. 10.700€

  8. 7.550€

  9. 5.800€

The trophy that the nine finalists have competed for

And now let's follow, elimination by elimination, the action of the final table (CLICK HERE to review the live streaming with Italian commentary)

Double-KO: Like Roman busts Bianco (8th) and Nadmi (9th)

Blinds 300/600K

Twist at the final table after an initial stalemate. The beneficiary is "Like Roman" who takes out two in one go.

Unfortunately, it was an Italian, Adriano Bianco, who, due to the shorter stack of Frenchman Zakaria Nadmi, finished in 8th position for €7,550.

🇮🇹Adriano Bianco, 8th place

The dynamic is what in poker jargon is called a 'cooler' since the very small stack does not allow room for maneuver and preflop all-in becomes the only, or almost only, weapon available.

On Nadmi's open-shove with K♣️ Q ♠️ (9BB stack) from UTG, Bianco, with A-Qo from UTG1, decides to put them all in (equal stack with half a blind more).

From SB it is the turn of "Like Roman" (stack 17BB) who wakes up with the second-best hand in the game, K-K, and has the easiest of re-shoves, while "Mephisto" folds a Pair of Tens from BB.

L'ottavo classificato 🇫🇷Zakaria Nadmi for 5,800€

BOARD: (POT 18.6M, 23BB circa) 2♦️ 2♥️ 4♥️ 6♣️ 9♦️

"Like Roman" gets an 18.6M pot and flies to the top of the count at 7 left with 32,650.00 (52BB).

Although with a bitter taste in his mouth at finishing eighth, Adriano Bianco gave us a brief account of his experience here at the Sharkbay Main Event:

"I entered thanks to the last qualifying flight, the 11 am turbo, and reached Day 2 with an average stack. On Day 2 I held my own until the bubble burst, staying with about ten or so blinds, until then the run was on my side and I managed to climb nicely to the final day stack.

Of course, this blow leaves me with some regret, but there was really little I could do. Still, I'm happy with this nice deep run."

Mephisto busts in 7th place

Blinds 400/800K

Mephisto raises from UTG 3,950,000 with a Pair of Tens and 2,500,000 behind, Spartaco Vincenzi (STACK18BB) re-shoves with A♠️ A♥️ and after the general fold, Mephisto puts the rest of the stack in the middle.

BOARD: (POT 14.9M) 4♠️ J♥️ K♥️ Q♦️ 7♦️

Spartacus exceeds 20 BBs and moves into an excellent position with 6 left, while his opponent has to settle for 7th place and a €10,700 prize.

All six survivors have secured their tickets for the WSOPE Main Event which will also take place here at the Kings' Resort in Rozvadov.

Mawl out in 6th place

Blinds 500K/1M

After a short break, the players returned to the track and it was immediately Mawl's turn, who reshoved Spartaco Vincenzi's opening with Pair of Deuces strong with his Pair of Sevens.

(POT 14,100,000) BOARD: A♥️ 8♦️ 2♠️ 9♥️ 4♠️

Thanks to a resounding Two on the Flop Spartaco takes out his opponent who has to settle for a €13,950 prize, flying to over 40 BB in 5-handed.

Like Roman is the 5th place finisher

Blinds 500K/1M

After going as high as 55BB in 7-handed, LikeRoman's downward parabola knows no stopping and his eventual showdown ends in 5th place.

To be fair, the final showdown weighs less, in terms of chips, than the blow he lost in the previous hand, where he found himself all-in with K♠️ J♠️ against Ralf Westphal's A♦️ 3♥️.

The board 5♥️ 6♣️ 6♦️ 8♦️ 10♥️ does not help him and Like Roman is left with 3.5 BB.

On the next hand in blind-war he decides to just call with 10-9o against Spartaco Vincenzi who from BB has a very easy all-in with Pair of Fives.

(POT 8,450,000) BOARD: A♦️ 3♦️ 6♥️ A♠️ Q♦️

Like Roman, he ends his adventure by cashing in €18,250.

Adam Siwicki busts in 4th place

Blinds 500K/1M

In blind-war, Siwicki shoves his 8BB with 4♦️ J♣️ over Ralf Westphal who calls with K♠️ 10♠️, and on the turn the games are already closed.

(POT 17.6M) BOARD: 3♠️ K♣️ 9♠️ A♠️ 10♥️

Adam Siwicki has to be content with the so-called wooden medal and the €23,300 reserved for 4th place.

Spartaco Vincenzi clamoroso 3°!

Blinds 500K/1M

Anastasakis opens from BTN with J♥️ J♣️ (stack 35BB), Westphal flat-calls with Q♦️10♠️(stack 11BB), Vincenzi completes from BB with K♠️ 7♦️ (stack 34BB).

(POT 7M) FLOP: 2♣️ 7♥️ ♠️ - After the blinds check c-bet the Greek to 4M, only Vincenzi calls.

(POT 15M) TURN: 2♥️ - Another check-call for the Italian on Anastasakis' 7.5M bet.

(POT 30M) RIVER: 5♥️ - Third fatal check-call for Vincenzi who with 21M behind on 30 pot (2/3 pot size bet) calls his opponent's shove and closes in third place for €31,700.

The Greek flies through the count with around 70 million chips.

Heads-up time!

Blinds 600K/1.2M

It's the heads-up time between Ralf Westphal and Dimitrios Anastasakis! The Greek starts with a huge chip advantage, but in poker you know, anything can happen! GL to both!

Anastasakis wins the Sharkbay Main Event!

Blinds 600K/1.2M

Despite having a lead of around 7 to 1 the German Ralf Westphal didn't let go and doubled up on two occasions. however, on hand 203 of this intense day came the final denouement.

Preflop remains between the two: Anastasakis comes in with K♣️ Q♦️, Westphal calls with A♣️ 8♥️ and the dealer turns over the board (POT 25M): 4♠️ 8♠️ Q♥️ 3♠️

Ralf Westphal cashes for €44,800 while Anastasakis takes the trophy and the €78,800 reserved for the winner!


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